Saturday, July 17, 2010

Le Phare / The Beacon

Le Phare Children (above) Sawyer Water Filters in use at Le Phare - Yea! Clean Water!
The Le Phare Oprhanage has also been referred to as the La Plaine Orphanage and Terre Noire. Terre Noire is the neighborhood, La Plaine is the general area. Le Phare means the Beacon. DieuGrande had named the orphanage "Fonds de'Aide aux Enfants Defavorises de la Plaine du Cul-de-Sac (FAEDPCS). We all agreed to change the name to something more "manageable"... Something a little easier for folks to remember. DieuGrande immediately came up with "Le Phare". We hope that this place will continue to be and fully develop into a beacon for this area. We are all committed to working towards this end.
God is definitely at work in leading us. I will be partnering with some folks to begin a new non-profit so that we can be effective in what we plan to do with The Beacon and various other projects in Haiti.
We are still looking for a place to live after August 31. We've looked at several places, but most are still in some state of being unfinished pieces of work! We have considered renting a large house and operating it as a guest house. So much to consider!
I will be in Houston on July 27th for a benefit concert put on by NewWorldSon!!! This is for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for the Beacon. As you may recall the orphanage, church and school were all destroyed in the earthquake. While we have been able to get funding to finish (almost) the school classrooms (that were in process of being built at the time of the EQ ) we still need to rebuild a permanent home for the children. They have just been able in the last few weeks to begin sleeping in the classrooms at night. They have to take everything out the next morning in order for school to operate. At least they are out of the rain and wind at night.
We still need some funding to do the finishing on the classrooms and also to get the toilets operational. Toilets being plumbed (above) This is a small unfinished house that sits on a piece of land
inside the orphanage compound. The owner wants $195,000 for it!
Classrooms almost finished Let us know if you'd like to come visit and see the orphanage and meet this precious group of children and the awesome couple who direct it (DieuGrande and wife). We are excited to see how God is opening this next chapter of our lives! We were missing a kid in the above shot, but I like the way the puppy got in
the frame and posed so nicely
I tried to delete these doubles, but could not - so look again!

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  1. I came across your blog that told of your work in Haiti with the La Phare orphanage and the directors Pastor Dieugrand and his wife Policienne. I’d be very interested in talking to you more since I am now working with this very orphanage and any information or input would be helpful.

    As you may know, Pastor Dieugrand came down with a very serious illness in February of 2013. It has made him incapable of working and because his job provided the funds to support the kids, his orphanage has been suffering severely. I made a youtube video explaining the story in greater detail to help spread the word:

    Our agency, Celebrate Children International, has decided to begin a sponsorship program for his orphanage to help support the kids during this extremely difficult time. The kids from this orphanage have yet to receive any sponsors, but since the program has just begun, I know it will take connecting with others that know and love these kids to help make the difference. Here is our website with some of the kids so far!

    I am actually traveling to Haiti on the 16th of January in just a couple months!! I have been diligently working to find options for medical treatment for Pastor Dieugrand and the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince has graciously provided us with a great discount on medical testing for him to help us find some answers for his extremely mysterious symptoms. I will be taking him to this hospital on January 21st for some CT scans and hopefully this will help us know

    I just wanted to reach out to you and talk about what how much involvement you still have with this orphanage, or if you know of anyone that may want to be involved or connecting with us!!

    Thank you so much,
    Julie Hedberg