Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 6 -10, 2009 One of HFHC’s board members came for a visit during this time. His visit was two-fold. On the 8th, we had a meeting with a local organization to discuss the possibilities of working with them on training some of our HFHC youth in micro-enterprises. This is something we have thought about for a while. Jobs are scarce and one really must be able to created some type of business for themselves for the most part. The meeting went well and we continue working towards putting some sort of program together. On June 9th, we attended the Delmas Christian High School graduation ceremony. Fifteen students graduated. This was the largest graduating class in the young history of the school. Six of these fifteen were youth being sponsored in HFHC’s education program. The ceremony lasted about 2 ½ hours and was quite different from our typical high school graduations. The graduates had much more participation in the program than our grads in the US. They sang several songs. There was a “passing of the torch” from the Philo (graduating class) class to the Rheto (12th grade) class. One of the professors spoke briefly about each grad. There were a couple of cute little skits by students in the primary school, a speech by Ken, who was the “parenn”, a speech by Jeantyrard, some soloists sang and several of the grads spoke. Natacha sang a final, good-bye song and I think most of the girls and at least one of the guys were in tears. There were lots of photos taken during and after the ceremony. We then moved on to the reception site, just down the road from the school. We enjoyed rice & peas, rice & beans, plantain, a pasta dish, salad, grilled & creole chicken legs and sodas. After the reception, Ken, Jean Baptiste, Anthony & I went to visit Jambon at his home. He had complicated hernia surgery on Friday and could not make it to the graduation. We had a nice visit with him and his wife and prayed for him. (Jambon works with HFHC in several capacities) All in all, it was a great day – a really great day for the Delmas school. ** Parenn & marenn are a man and woman chosen by the class to be kind of like their “godfather and godmother, kind of a sponsor. Ken was parenn and I found out on Wednesday when I arrived home from Charlotte, that I was to be marenn. Luckily they didn’t ask the marenn to speak