Sunday, January 10, 2010


Bijou Christmas 2009
What Bijou does when we are gone (or when she thinks we're gone)
Bijou Christmas 2008
There are a significant enough number of our "blog-followers" to justify this post!
Bijou returned with us to her hometown for Christmas. It was quite an adventure - one I don't think she cares to repeat. She was depressed most of the time, unless we were out walking, and it was too cold to do that too many times a day! We did get in at least one good walk a day.
And then, all the attention that was given to the new baby! Well, that just added to the depression! Bijou was so happy to get back home! She ran all over the yard, getting reaquainted with all the rocks, toys, holes, sand pile, etc. She wants to stay home when we go back in February for the coming of the second grandbaby.

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